Sunday, May 31, 2015

"Fluffy Bunnies": On Disparaging Fellow Pagans

Some of my favorite conversations have been spent waxing anecdotal about some of the more colorful practitioners I have come across in the Pagan community.  I am reminded of how some of those characters have, over the years, inspired terms like “fluffy bunny”, “insta-witches”, “McWiccans”, “One-Book Witches”, “Wicclets”, and “Whitelighters”.
On this topic I find myself conflicted.  It is not in me to tell someone that what they practice or believe is wrong, especially if they find fulfillment in it.
Having said that, “fluffy bunnies” do present something of a problem to the rest of the Pagan community.  Broadly defined, these are the sort of people who give “serious” Pagans a bad name.  Generally, these folk read maybe one or part of one book on the subject and decide they’re Witches (or Druids, or whatever), and do little or no research beyond that.  Many are often delusional on some level, pretentious, and largely misinformed about what they “know”.  In my personal experience, I have seen that a significant number of these types of people also identify as living with one or a number of the modern designer personality disorders, such as ADD, ADHD, OCD, bi-polar disorder, anxiety / panic disorder, or major depressive disorder.
…That’s probably all I need to say on that subject … apart from the fact that I have often thought this correlation would make for an excellent research topic.
In any case, for my part I do not spend a lot of time condemning people as “fluffy bunnies”.  Those who fit that description are well intentioned enough, most of the time, and those that aren’t, well, let karma be their judge.  I believe it is rather more productive to focus on setting an example that we all should aspire to as Pagans, and count among our virtues those of seriousness tempered with humor, good scholarship, and the application of spirituality to overcome personal limitations.  It is precisely this that will help us to become worthy servants of the Gods and of each other, and worthy stewards of the Earth, our Mother.

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