A lover of nature and devoted to the study of metaphysics and philosophy since childhood, OakLore styles himself a "born Druid." His call to the Elder Ways began formally in 1998 with his initiation and later ordination as a Wiccan Priest. Not long thereafter, he began exploring Druidry.  Many years later he was inspired to answer the call from those who in the Pagan community sought a combined Druid and Wiccan tradition.  In the spring of 2008, Rev. OakLore founded the Fellowship of Anamastia.

OakLore studied philosophy with Yale University and the University of Edinburgh.  He holds graduate-level certificates in pastoral counseling and Celtic Pagan Religious Studies. He is a published writer, editor, philosopher, poet, singer and artist. In his metaphysical practice, OakLore is a bard, liturgist, singer, drummer, and Reiki practitioner. As adviser to the fellowship's aspiring clergy, Rev. OakLore chairs the FoA seminary program, and encourages its students to actively support the work of other Pagan congregations, charities, and community organizers. He currently leads the Heart of ManannĂ¡n Coven, FoA in northeastern Florida as their chosen High Priest.