In addition to the works listed below, OakLore has published extensively under the pseudonym E.J. Haley.  He was a staff writer and editor for an upstate New York arts & entertainment newspaper for a number of years and has published half-a-dozen editorials and opinion columns in various magazines and newspapers across the country.  The following lists his published works on the subject of Earth-based religion, Celtic Pagan spirituality and Neopaganism.


"Druidic Wicca: A Deeper Exploration"
Published on The Witches Voice, September 19th. 2010

"Earth Consciousness Reborn"
Published on Fellowship of Anamastia, 2010

"The Harmony of Wicca and Druidry"
Published on Fellowship of Anamastia, 2010

"The Druid Path"
Co-authored with Inion An Daghdha
Originally published on Covenant of Avalon, 2003
Re-published on Fellowship of Anamastia, 2010


Novitiate Studies: The Celtic Pagan Sourcebook, Volume I
Covenant of Avalon Publishing, 2001

Coming Soon:

Autumn Magick: Personal Reflections of a Modern Druid-Witch
(Expected publication: Spring 2016)

Incidental Grace: On Pagan Virtue
(Expected publication: Autumn 2016)

Journey Through Ritual
(Expected publication: Spring 2017)

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